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Mohamed haroon

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(3) 577-7768

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from 21 to 50

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Gateworx, an Egyptian IT Company, is providing its quality services to customers in the Middle East in two main areas: information security and business applications. Gateworx was established back in 2005, and since then it has witnessed steady growth in terms: of number of partners, products, customers/industries served, employees, and revenue.Gateworx is an authorized distributor of key products and services. Being the distributor requires solid vision and commitment to both the vendor and the customers, we believe that we have this visionary attitude and that has been one of the reasons why we have been appointed as a distributor of key products for more than 5 years in a row.As a distributor, Gateworx plays a vital role in linking the vendors with the needs of the local markets; this is a role that we have played successfully for years. Establishing a partner network requires a lot of investment from our side whereby we bring into our support platform top-notch resources to support our partners as well as their customers, when necessary. Our support, technical and presales, to our partners and customers has been successfully implemented in Egypt and the Middle East e.g., KSA, UAE, Sudan, and Libya.

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6 zol fakkar St.- Louran

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Local Market
Gulf Area

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Food and beverage
Oil and Gas

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ERP Solution
Hardware Assembly/Manufactuing
Software Development
System Integrator