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ASITA offers its members a full range of services to help them in their quest for IT and business excellence. This includes:
Learning and Development
ASITA provides its members with different types of instructional sessions, including courses, workshops, knowledge transfer sessions, and seminars in topics related to the different tools, programs, platforms and workings of the ICT field. This also includes knowledge and practical training related to business and personal development
Consultation Services
ASITA understands the challenges companies face in today’s competitive market. That is why, it seeks to support its member companies with technical consultations related to:
- Business development
- HR
- Legal affairs
- Finance and accounting
- Marketing
Capacity Building and Youth Empowerment
ASITA keeps an eye on the youth, tomorrow’s workforce. ASITA partners with career centers in universities to provide students with the guidance they need to acquire the necessary skills and pursue a career in the ICT field, one that brings them satisfaction and brings trained professionals to the ICT business.
ASITA understands the importance of partnerships in the world of business today. That is why it seeks to provide and assist companies with various marketing opportunities that connect them with entities working in the ICT field in Egypt and all over the world, through online channels, as well as regular offline marketing.
Medical Insurance
ASITA offers freelancers and small IT companies medical insurance under its umbrella from the best insurance providers in Egypt.
Meeting Room Rentals
ASITA provides its members with fully equipped meeting rooms to satisfy all their business needs, hold meetings, conduct training, etc.
ASITA Member Talks involve presentations by local experts, discussing best practices and topics of interest within the ICT community. Read More
This service is dedicated to helping startups grow and develop by offering to connect them with technology leaders. Read More

Eligibility & Requirements:

  • To be eligible for membership at ASITA, companies must:
    • Be registered as a company under any form, with a commercial registration and a tax card
    • Have 51% of its shares owned by Egyptians
    • Be working in the ICT field or have an IT department
  • To be eligible for membership at ASITA, individuals must:
    • Be working in the field of ICT as an employee or as a freelancer
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Well organized place , very polite ,helpful and qualified staff.I enjoyed attending all the courses there.keep up the good work.

Asmaa Matar

ASITA is the Best Place to Support the IT Community in Alexandria.

Mohammad Sharkawy


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      Copyright 2020 ASITA. All rights reserved.