Community Service

ASITA is collaborating with Alexandria University; Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Arts and Information Technology Institute (ITI) offering fresh graduates opportunities as trainees in its member companies.It is also working as a mediator between the faculties and members to build up a new curriculum or enhance the current one for future generations of graduates based on the needs of the local labor market in addition to the global one.

Services & Information

ASITA updates its members about latest issues of concern to the IT industry.Through its web site, the latest events and developments in policy making and technology are provided. ASITA also offers its members practical assistance legal, financial, management, business courses, training and consultancy at highly discounted rates in collaboration with other NGO and government support bodies.

Human Resources Development

We aim to develop the human resources in IT Business by providing training courses, Workshop, session and mentoring in many field whether it is vocational or managerial.

Events and Networking

ASITA organizes many events every year to promote new technologies and raise awareness of new trends, as well as encourage collaboration between member companies, potential clients and industry experts to exchange views and explore business opportunities.