Member Talks

ASITA Member Talks involve presentations by local experts, discussing best practices and topics of interest within the ICT community. These events also include panel discussions to address the issues highlighted from different perspectives, in order to reach a comprehensive view of the topic under hand. These Talks are open to ASITA member companies, along with students and graduates of universities in Alexandria and employees within the ICT field. They aim to:

  • Connect all players within the ICT field in Alexandria (existing and prospects)
  • Initiate talks to exchange views, discuss challenges and think of and come up with solutions to such challenges
  • Create a line of communication between those working in the field and experts
  • Provide a convenient method of communication between ASITA and those attending the Talks, as these events will be held online. This will, in turn, help them connect with the Association, which can understand their needs and find methods to fulfill them

9 Syria Street, Roshdy, Mustafa Kamel, Floor No. 6, Flat No. 15, Alexandria, Egypt.


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    Copyright 2020. ASITA. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2020 ASITA. All rights reserved.