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Using Terraform,a company can quickly keep track of all of its deployments’ modifications, making it simple to maintain a log of each development procedure. This feature is crucial because it makes it simple for new developers joining a team to see the history of any modifications made. Additionally, huge IT companies that require numerous employees to handle operations depend heavily on this function. Terraform automation tool is a better choice than Chef if you require a solution that works better with well-known tools like Docker or Packer.

Instructor led Live Training Customized and exclusive training based on your requirement. If you are looking for top Chef trainer in India and metro cities, then we have multiple trainer list which trainers is good one. Here im going to recommend about Top Chef trainer in India and abroad as well. Chef trainer can offer a custom-tailored training or implementing process for your organization needs and ambitions. DevOpsSchool Technologies provides flexible timings to all our students.


At the end of the learning cycle, you will be able to master automation and integration to support organizational efforts in reducing costs, while increasing agility, quality, and customer service. KnowledgeHut has trained over 35,000+ professionals in CSM with 100% exam success. In case any of our candidates attempts the CSM exam on the last day of training, and does not clear it on the first try, we shall offer 100% money back within 7 working days. Yes, we do have instalment options available for the course fees. To avail instalments, please get in touch with us The team shall explain how the instalments work and would provide the timelines for your case.

  • The exam must have been administered through SKILLOGIC, either paper-based and ATO online exam modes.
  • We serve you with the knowledge that’s around real-industry scenarios, case studies & practical assignments along with theoretical practice.
  • If you invest in brushing your job market’s in-demand skills today, you will surely have the best returns tomorrow – in the form of high-paying & satisfying job options.
  • You can access the recording of the missed class through our LMS.
  • Individual badges are valid for two years, after which time you will need to retake the exam.
  • DevOps engineers may define programs in more structured infrastructure pipelines with Terraform, minimizing manual work.

Therefore, understanding your organization’s operational priorities is a smart way to make the proper selection. When utilizing Terraform, mistakes, configuration drifts, and snowflake servers are minimized chef certification devops or eliminated; however, this cannot be true of using Chef due to its changeable infrastructure provisioning. Terraform is cloud agnostic and it does no discrimination in the cloud platform.

Information about the Chef certification:

Additionally, the partner certification program includes active participation in the Chef and DevOps communities, as well as having an internal practice manager to ensure proper knowledge transfer. Chef certification programs online can help you achieve any of these standout profiles. The best part is, these profiles/roles are now available even in the non-core IT industries – it means with limited learnings, you can absorb in diversified industries.

  • Learning online now is as effective as offline training, especially with JanBask Training.
  • We do provide grants that can vary upto 50% of the course fees.
  • At JanBask Training to let you “Learn and Grow” is our motto behind delivering every training.
  • Yes, for all the online public workshops there would be participants logging in from different locations.
  • Don’t let non-technical or technical background become your reason for not choosing this lucrative Chef Engineer Certification training for an accelerating career.

However, you can go through the sample class recording and it would give you a clear insight about how are the classes conducted, quality of instructors and the level of interaction in a class. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email. A customized learning experience for the global corporate workforce. Generating cookbooks and using the “package” and “service” resources to install system packages and activating services. Yes, we got custom training programs to complete the course as you need.

Independent of Clouds

Free lifetime enrolment into any of the upcoming batches to help you refresh the concepts. Verify your contact details so that our training experts will get in touch with you. Get all the quality content you’ll ever need to stay ahead with a Packt subscription – access over 7,500 online books and videos on everything in tech.

What is Chef in DevOps?

Chef is a Configuration management DevOps tool that manages the infrastructure by writing code rather than using a manual process so that it can be automated, tested and deployed very easily. Chef has Client-server architecture and it supports multiple platforms like Windows, Ubuntu, Centos, and Solaris etc.

Join JanBask Training for one of the best online Chef certification programs & learn all the skills/obligations in great depth that it takes to be a demanded & certified Chef Engineer. Enroll for our 360-degree training for Chef to get complete resources that are required to become a job market-ready Chef engineer. Along with executive Chef certification examination preparation, we equip you with smart ways on how and when is the best time to enter the job market.


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