Is Protegent Antivirus a Scam?

September 26, 2023by admin

Whether you are a business owner or a regular internet user, it’s important to protect your system from viruses and Trojan infections. One method to do this is with a good antivirus software solution. However, not all antivirus programs are reliable. Some, like protegent, can be frauds.

Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. is a company located in New Delhi, has created Protegent antivirus. The antivirus is available in three different versions: Antivirus with data recovery and Total security software, as well as Complete security software. The antivirus features an mascot named Proto that, until 2020, was an imitation of Super Why from the PBS children’s television show Super Why! The commercial for the antivirus begins with a class of children using computers at school. The teacher checks the history of browsing for one of the students and discovers that they’ve been consuming inappropriate content. Then, a cartoon-style version of Proto appears and informs the students that they should use protegent, which is a application that can help to ensure that they are safe online.

Protegent claims that it can defend computers from ransomware, malware, and other threats, like Trojans such as rootkits, rootkits and Trojans. It also helps users improve their download and upload speeds without the privacy of their data. The software also includes a specialized scanning engine which protects the computer from adware and spyware, ad ware, rootkits Trojan’s viruses, phishing scuff marks. It also protegent antivirus scam has an option to restore and backup that allows you to recover lost or deleted files. It also helps to defrag the hard drive to increase the efficiency.


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